Enjoy Alasitas fair in La Paz, Bolivia

Alasitas is Bolivia's festival of small wishes; this fair is a mix of Catholicism and Andean tradition celebrated annually on January 24 and it last for two weeks. In the Aymara language, Alasitas means "buy from me" and in pre-colonial times Alasitas was celebrated in September, Bolivian springtime, to ensure a good crop.

The largest fairs is held yearly in the capital of
La Paz, Bolivians and tourist alike, buy miniatures representing the material goods they aspire to own (like a new house, car, plasma TV, a bachelor degree or even marriage certificate) and then offer them to the Ekeko, the God of Abundance, in addition a Catholic priests give their blessing to the newly acquired miniature goods as well.

Alasitas is a festival for everybody and celebrated by Bolivians from all levels of society. It is celebrated by the inhabitants of villages, cities and countryside, by the highlanders and the lowlanders, by all Bolivians. If you are in La Paz during this time don’t miss an opportunity to be part of this tradition.

Date: January 24th (the fair last for two weeks)
Name: Alasitas
Location: La Paz, Bolivia
Type: Religious/ethnic

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