Entrada Universitaria

On July 26th, the students from all La Paz Universities, will stage a new version of the Entrada Universitaria, in which they will perform traditional dances in a party full of colorful costumes and Bolivian culture. The dancers parade starts around 10:00 a.m. and lasts the entire day. It starts at Cerveceria Boliviana Nacional (just in front of the Terminal de Buses) and finishes at Park Roosevelt near the Hernando Siles Stadium, crossing the entire downtown area. You'll need to get a sit early in the morning, the area near Plaza San Francisco is considered to be one of the best places to watch this magnificent traditional dances display.

Date: July 26th (every year it takes place on the last saturday of July)
Name: Entrada Universitaria
Location: La Paz city
Type: Tradition/Culture/Dance/Music

Welcome to Coroico Folk Festival 2008 (Festival Internacional de Coroico )!

Welcome to Coroico Folk Festival 2008 (Festival Internacional de Coroico )!

Coroico is a small town with a resort-like feel, 3 hour bus ride from La Paz, it has mild weather year round. Coroico is known among tourist for been a tourist hot spot in South America due to is amazing landscape and nature. The Coroico Festival was created in 2,007 to promote Coroico and its tourist attractions. The Coroico Folk Festival promises to surpass the success of the previous version. The event expects to host close to 10,000 visitors.

The festival showcases Andean and Latin-American music, this year the international invited guests are Soledad from Argentina and Eva Ayllón from Peru. They will be joined by some of the top artists in Bolivian like: Kjarkas, k'ala Marka, Guísela Santa Cruz and others. This is a great opportunity to visit Coroico and the Bolivian Amazon, most tourist use Coroico as the gate to it, on they’re way to the Madidi natural reserve. The Festival:

Showtimes: The shows start on Friday 11 at 21:30 (approx.) and Saturday 12 at 20:00 (approx.)

Scheduled presentations: Friday 11: Gisela Santa Cruz; Kala Marka; Los Montoneros de Mendez (Tarija); Soledad (Argentina) and Deszaire. Saturday 12: Duo Snetimiento; Eva Ayllón (Peru), Juan Enrique Jurado; PK2 and of course the K'jarkas. Venue: The event takes place at the Coroico Municipal Football Stadium, which will be divided into three areas: stadium seats, field (no chairs) and VIP area (closest to the scenario with chairs) Ticket Sale: -Discolandia: in La Paz located in El Prado, Plaza Murillo and Jenaro Sanjinés. -Planet Pizza: C. Ignacio Cordero. 8424; Achumani Av. Garcia Lanza almost esq. C.10; Obrajes C.14 between Hernando Siles and Ormachea
-Cinema July 16 (El Prado)
-Foodcourt "The Jungle" (Av. Sanchez Lima esq. Belisario Salinas and in Miraflores Av. Busch esq. Villalobos) Price: stadium seats 30 Bolivianos, field 50 Bolivianos and VIP area of 100 bolivianos (per night). Getting to Coroico: Mini-bus and bus, they leave from Villa Fatima Plaza in La Paz, ask you’re hotel clerk or taxi driver, what’s the easiest way to get there. The ticket Cost of ticket is normally: Bs. 15. - Daily departures every hour, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. (But during the festival this schedule will be extended) Bus Capacity: have a capacity of 14 passengers. Duration: Is approximately 3 hours by bus and 2.5 hours by car. Bus lines: • Tourbus TOTA - tel. 221-6592 • Yungeña - Phone. 221-6592 • Palms - Phone. 221-4009

Something to have in mind: The Unidad de Transito (Bolivian road authority) reported that the road should be in optimal conditions.

Practical recommendations: • In the winter season (June-August): bring warm clothing. Although Coroico enjoys a template climate normally it feels cold early in the morning. • If you're decide to camp don’t forget to take with you: first aid kit, pocket knife, flashlight, batteries, bug repellent, medication (if you’re taking any), antihistaminic and whatever you feel necessary for your comfort and safety.

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