Enjoy Alasitas fair in La Paz, Bolivia

Alasitas is Bolivia's festival of small wishes; this fair is a mix of Catholicism and Andean tradition celebrated annually on January 24 and it last for two weeks. In the Aymara language, Alasitas means "buy from me" and in pre-colonial times Alasitas was celebrated in September, Bolivian springtime, to ensure a good crop.

The largest fairs is held yearly in the capital of
La Paz, Bolivians and tourist alike, buy miniatures representing the material goods they aspire to own (like a new house, car, plasma TV, a bachelor degree or even marriage certificate) and then offer them to the Ekeko, the God of Abundance, in addition a Catholic priests give their blessing to the newly acquired miniature goods as well.

Alasitas is a festival for everybody and celebrated by Bolivians from all levels of society. It is celebrated by the inhabitants of villages, cities and countryside, by the highlanders and the lowlanders, by all Bolivians. If you are in La Paz during this time don’t miss an opportunity to be part of this tradition.

Date: January 24th (the fair last for two weeks)
Name: Alasitas
Location: La Paz, Bolivia
Type: Religious/ethnic

Be part of Bolivian history this January

If you are in La Paz, Bolivia on the 21 and 22 of January you could be part of Bolivian history. Tourist and people from around the world are arriving to Bolivia for the installation of the second term of President Evo Morales, to be undertaken on Tihuanaku (21) and La Paz (22). The demand for rooms and travel packages has increased dramatically according to the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ivan Cahuaya; he reported on Friday that a survey by his office to various travel agencies found the increase of tourists to Tihuanaku and La Paz where 21 and 22 January will undertake the installation of the second term of President Evo Morales.

Cahuaya said for that reason, the flow of tourists in January has increase significantly and is something extraordinary, considering that January is traditionally considered as a low season.

"The visitor will come to Bolivia not only makes its way down to a single site, but has a program that allows you to visit other tourist sites, then what do we do anticipate that in January we will have a significant flow of foreign visitors and nationals in the department of La Paz "he said.

Now you know, so don’t miss out this opportunity and be part of a historic moment in the history of this beautiful country.

Weather for you’re vacation in Bolivia

Weather for you’re vacation in Bolivia

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than poor weather. If you're like many people, you probably find one of the hardest parts of planning a trip is discovering what kind of weather you are likely to run into in Bolivia. But it’s not as hard as you might think. By the time you've finished reading this post and checking out some of the links from it, you should have no problem with the weather aspect of trip planning to Bolivia.

Prior to you Trip

You can start your weather planning by going to our site or for more in depth information we recommend you to use the Weather in Bolivia site; at both sites you will find complete descriptions of the weather you will find at the place or places you're planning to visit in Bolivia.

Once you’ve clicked the links we provided you above look out for the name of the city or cities you’re planning to visit, once there read the weather descriptions, check current weather, forecasts, average temperatures, satellite views, the best time to visit each city, etc.

We recommend you as well, to read our Traveler Tips page; it’s full of recommendations and ideas on what to take with you on you’re trip to Bolivia. It’s recommended to take the time to research your destinations and their weather patterns at all times throughout the year. Knowing this means more time for fun and enjoyment on you’re vacation.

Once you get there

Once you get to the city or cities you’re visiting check constantly for updates or alerts on the weather forecast so you get more time to prepare for any type of weather you might run in to. And at last the most important tip of all, have fun.