All Saints Day in Bolivia

It is religious holyday celebrated across the country, commemorates the memory of those who passed away. The tradition also known as “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the dead) is a mix of catholic and popular tradition, in which family and friends remember those who passed away. On this day the tradition says, that the souls of the deceased visit the living, and to welcome them families prepare their departed favorite meals and other treats also they tidy up the graves of their relatives ahead of All Saints Day accross the country.

Family and friends get together to remember and cherish the memory of those who left; during the celebration prayers are said for the souls of the departed and to ask god for their peaceful rest.

Modern life has changed this tradition a little bit and some people take advantage of the spring weather and the holyday to do some tourism; touristic sites like Coroico or Uyuni are normally at full capacity on this dates.