Quillacollo invites you to la Fiesta de la Virgen de Urkupiña 2009

Quillacollo invites you to la Fiesta de la Virgen de Urkupiña (celebration of Virgin Mary of Urkupinha's day), it is one of the most important religious celebrations in Bolivia. The event includes a procession and bolivian dances, like Diablada, Caporales, Morenada, Tinku, etc. performed by devotes of the image of Virgin Mary of Urkupiña through the streets of Quillacollo.

The event takes place in Quillacollo, 14 km. from Cochabamba around San Ildefonso Chapel; it is a spectacle of color, costumes, dance and faith. More than 15,000 dancers, 6,000 musicians and about 400,000 spectators enjoy every year the splendid entrada (parade) folklorica de Urkupiña.

During the parade (about 12 hours) the fraternities perform dances like: Caporales, tobas, Morenos, Diablos, Tinkus, saya, pujllay, moseñadas, tarquedas and vallunadas. People come from around the world, just to be part of this event known for its international reputation.

So don’t waste more time and join us in the party.

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Come and Visit the Wine Route in Tarija, Bolivia

We suggest you the perfect getaway and it’s a lot closer than you think. As well as discovering some of the most scenic places in Tarija; we invite you to immerse yourself in the "total experience" of the Bolivian Andalusia by traveling the Wine Route, in the Santa Ana and Concepcion valleys.

Tour the vineyards and sample award-winning wines. Treat your palate to gourmet fare inspired by farm-fresh ingredients. We promise you, this will be an experience that will have you coming back for more.

Plan your wine country adventure today. Start by visiting Bolivian Wines web site and their guide to Wineries of Tarija its’ your complete source for everything Tarija's Wine Route has to offer, and more. The interactive Wine Route Map will help you to effortlessly navigate Bolivia’s Wine Country.

Traditional tourism in Bolivia has included archeological and cultural sites; more recently eco tourism became the latest addition to Bolivia’s tourist list of options. Wine tourism in Bolivia, is a new offer to its visitors and an experience well worth trying.