Feria International de Cochabamba 2009

The Feria International de Cochabamba is one of the largest trade fairs in Bolivia this Fair is accompanied by shows, great food and artist presentations. The Fair includes companies from around the world, showcasing their products, going from the food industry to technology and machinery. This event qualified as one of the most important economic events in the country, expects to generate more than 150 million dollars in business transactions, commercial agreements and other activities such as tourism, entertainment, services, direct sales, among others.

Date of the event: Starts on April 23th (normally goes for two weeks)
Recurrence: las week of April (Movable Event Organizer defines de date)
Location: Feria International de Cochabamba, Cochabamba
Type: Trade Fair

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Semana Santa en Bolivia (Easter in Bolivia)

This is one of the most important celebrations in Bolivia. The celebration is deep into the catholic roots of the country includes processions and parades on every city and town. The long Holiday (starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday), it's used for many Bolivians as a chance for a short vacation; therefore most hotels are completely booked during this days. The peoples favorites are: Coroico in La Paz, Uyuni Salt flats in Potosi, the Las Misiones or Samaipata in Santa Cruz, etc.
Recurrence: April or May (Movable according with the Roman Catholic Calendar)
Where: Bolivia
Type: Religious

Bolivian Police captured band that Kidnapped foreign tourists

La Paz, 1 April - The Bolivian Police on Wednesday captured three criminals which claimed $ 29,000 for the rescue of two Swiss tourists and that would be part of a larger criminal organization of Ramiro Milán Fernández, a.k.a. as "El Choco", imprisoned in La Paz accused of murdering two Austrian tourists.

The caught criminals, who kidnapped tourists In La Paz in the area of the Cemetery, are Hugo Omar Puita Ampuero, Giovani Guido Zalles Laura and Barba Katia Jimena Arriaga.

The Interior Minister Alfredo Rada, congratulated the Police for the results being achieved in the fight against crime.

The second secretary of the Swiss Embassy in Bolivia, Eros Robbiani, thanked the Government and the Police for the arrest of the kidnappers.

The Commander of the Bolivian police, Gen. Víctor Hugo Escobar explained that the March 21 Special Force to Fight Crime (FELCC) received a complaint about the kidnapping of the two Swiss citizens.

According to the director of national FELCC Humberto Echale, the two Swiss tourists were first contacted in Copacabana in March 19 by the kidnappers; once they have gained the tourist confidence the band proceeded with the kidnapping near the Municipal Cemetery. Then the kidnappers contacted their families in Switzerland, demanding a ransom of $ 30,000 US dollars.

Once the ransom was paid, the tourists were released under threat of death, but raised in the complaint that initiated FELCC research to find the criminals.